Facebook Tracker: How To Track Facebook Messages

In the age of fast paced and easily accessible internet connection, transmitting a message over the social media platforms is quite a breeze. With the rise of various social media platforms such as Facebook and likewise, every other person is now linked with almost anyone in this world be it a person from other country or continent. This raises several concerns for various heads of the society and immediately makes a question pop in their minds, “how to track Facebook messages for free”.

Today let’s look at a solution and find a good Facebook Tracker..

Why Facebook tracking?

You never know what the person is intending behind your back, what is someone’s reason to connect with you or how a person actually is, all these can be summed up and answered by a simple access to Facebook profile of that person and tracing what was hidden until then. It has been noticed in recent times that several terrorist organisations have been able to garner attraction of younger people.

Facebook being an extensive marketing platform can help your competitors secure your clientele by false advertisements over their profiles and through Facebook messages. In such a case Facebook tracker can be highly helpful in overseeing and discovering the hidden and false promotions. Afterall trust is good but blind faith is injurious.

Recommended for:

Parents: this section of the society carries the most responsible task of ensuring that their children are on the right path and are connecting with the right people and are not being used or so to say misused by people with harmful intentions. Children nowadays have an habit of playing around with resources available and it is their parents’ duty to check and correct them at the right time and age.

Younger minds are more prone to be influenced by harmful forces and thus prove an easy target. Parents are entrusted with the task of filtering away the harm and feeding the best of things to their children.

mobile tracker free for parents

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Employers: with easy access to Facebook in the official computer systems, it becomes highly important for employers to track the Facebook profiles and messages of their employees. An employee may be feeded enough externally to leak important and confidential files through Facebook messages to competitors or conspirers. Another advantage of tracking employees Facebook messages is that employers can know the amount of time employees spend on such websites while being in the office.

mobile tracker free for employees


Partners: As a partner you might sometime feel like surprising your partner out of the blue, and Facebook messages with her best friend can give you full update on where and when to find her with a bunch of roses and her favourite cake ofcourse. ;) Also, if you are greatly concerned about your partner’s security off late, you can ask for her consent and keep a track on her Facebook messages to ensure her total safety.


mobile tracker free for partners

So how can you track Facebook Messages?

How to track Facebook messages free? There are several Facebook trackers available online. Some are mobile applications while some are tailored for personal computers or laptops. Each come with various features and possibilities. One of the widely used application is Mobile Tracker Free.
About: Mobile Tracker Free is a free mobile based application offering various features such as tracking Facebook, monitoring kids and employees, backing up your important data and many more such useful features.

It has satisfied many customers throughout its way. The application is fully free and available for download from the official website. It is fully compatible with latest mobile platforms and has continuous upgradation to suit the changing needs of its users.


mobile tracker free


How to use?

Mobile Tracker free is fairly simple to use and the process is very hassle free. All you need to do is visit their website and find the installation button. After clicking on the said key, you’ll be directed to a download page and you need to download the application and install by giving required permissions on the device and you are ready to go. After the installation is complete you need to sign-in the website and you can well start monitoring.

• Android version >= 4.1 jellybean
• A mobile data plan of at least 1GB is recommended.

Possibilities: with this free application there are quite a number of things you can do which makes it a perfect Facebook tracker. Let’s look at a few.
• You can view all the messages and attachments being sent and received from various conversations.
• A detailed view of various facts such as date, timing, types and recipient of Facebook messages.
• All these can be done without giving root permissions and thereby removing the hassle of rooting your phone.
Restrictions: a phone without root access can sometimes be a restrictive element but this would only happen if the application and phone are not correctly configured.

Mobile Tracker Free proves to be a worthy Facebook tracker and a great option for fulfilling the needs of tracking Facebook messages. It is very simple and intuitive to use. The developers have taken care of end user experience and packed the entire application in a minimalistic manner.
They also provide YouTube based video tutorials on how to track Facebook messages free which proves to be an important service for its users. Still unsure?

You can try a free demo of the Mobile Tracker Free application which is again available on their website.

Important note: This application is legally valid and there is nothing illegal in using the features built in. Needless to say, obtain prior permission before tracking someone’s Facebook messages and take care of other’s privacy. You might need proper authority before accessing your subordinate’s or partner’s Facebook messages.