How To Block Websites On Android

Internet is doing an excellent business today. Every day more than million people use Internet for different requirements. While it serves lots of benefits to its users, it may also have drawbacks. We are dependent on the internet for several reasons. Right from communicating with friends, to learning new words from Google. We need it almost every day.

In this article, we will teach you how to block websites on android and keep your kids and loved ones protected.

How is internet making lives easier?

Today internet has a lot to offer. From speaking to people on different sites, to browsing internet for business plans and from watching online shows to learning new things, its all there. Internet does play a very significant role in our lives and we are thrilled by how it is making our generation smarter and easier.

It makes our lives very convenient as a lot of things that needed time investment and outings, are being done instantly and at home. For instance, going out for shopping is now possible from home. This is how internet is contributing thoroughly in our daily lives.

How is internet a hazardous choice?

Internet is not a hazardous choice but your consumption of internet sure is. This is why we say that phone-addiction is a serious threat and should definitely be reduced to a great extent.

From children to adult, everyone who uses internet to a massive extent needs to know that they all will be harmed in a similar manner. Anxiety, reduction in eyesight, haziness, and depression are all signs of using it limitlessly. Many more health issues are accompanied by this choice and therefore strict measures must be taken to eradicate this problem.

Why to block websites on Android?

The need to block websites on android may vary from person to person. Different people have different needs and therefore adjust it in accordance with their choices.

1. A parent might be stressed out regarding their child’s excessive use of websites on android phone and therefore decides to take precautions against it by blocking websites on android.

2. An employee might be worried about their employee’s work status and therefore decides to block websites so that they only focus on their work and nothing else.

This is how you might feel the need to block websites on android accordingly.

How to block websites on android?

The best way to block websites on android is by making use of a track app called Mobile Tracker Free app. This app is monitoring software that helps parents and employers to track their children and employees in order to make sure that they are using their devices correctly and also that they are keeping safe. For employers the choice may vary a little more.

This app is very good for employee monitoring purposes and we thus request you to make use of it if you are willing to make a difference in someone’s lives by blocking websites on android so that they stop surfing any negative content in order to avoid hampering their mental health.


mobile tracker free apk


What to do to make it function?

If you want to block websites on android via Mobile Tracker Free app, all you need to do is follow the simple steps given below and get all set.

1. Prepare for download
Before downloading the app you must make sure that you are connected to a strong wi-fi and that your unknown sources is enabled and packaged verifier is disabled. This is when you can start installing the app on your phone to block websites on android.

2. Install now
Now you can download the app by going to Mobile Tracker Free app’s website on google and looking for ‘download now’ option. When you get there, tap on it and make sure you begin to use it. In this way, let it install in your phone for sometime after which you must allow it to open. This process will take not more than 10 minutes so please wait patiently and do not be in a hurry. When this is done, you must begin to configure the app.


mobile tracker free works

3. Configure the app
Now you must create an account or register to use the app. If you already have an existing account, make sure you press log in and use the same id and password to get inside the app. If this is your first time, then please make sure that you configure the app carefully and make it trusted too.

4. Monitor the app
When all the processes are completed then you can begin to monitor the app as per your convenience and be delighted to use all features of your choice. With this, you can now even focus on blocking websites on android to take care of your child’s mental health and avoid it from getting hampered.

why to choose mobile tracker free


What are the benefits of Mobile Tracker app?

There are several benefits of mobile tracker free app that we will mention for you below:

1. Reliable: The app is extremely reliable as it offers complete security to all its clients and their data. In this way, the privacy that is being shared with one person is restricted from being shared with the public or third-party people.

2. Affordable: This app is also very affordable as the price plans are cost effective and cater to the budget very well. This is what makes it stand out amidst all others.

3. Easy to use: Mobile tracker free app is also very easy to use as its features, benefits and download process are all very easy to understand and function. You will not take long to understand ho the app functions and the key buttons that you are suppose to use. This is how the app is loved by all and used often by different people across the globe.

If you are looking for the perfect app to help you block websites on android, this one will work wonders so make sure you make full use of it in need.