How To Monitor Child’s Snapchat Without Them Knowing

Snapchat, an app that claims to be the fastest- to share a moment, can sometimes also be the fastest to make your child indulge into inappropriate activities. Snapchat is a dominant app used by youngsters nowadays.

Its basic features make have made so famous amongst the young generation.

For most of the people today, especially youngsters, it is nearly impossible for them to do anything without the use of technology. The trend being, sharing one’s own world through pictures and videos, Snapchat takes the first mover advantage to rule the social media industry by providing its unique features:

1. Short Time Availability:
Photos and videos taken on Snapchat, to send it for communication are known as “Snaps”. These snaps have short time availability, i.e., they disappear automatically after 10 seconds after the receiver has viewed the content.

2. Messaging:
The messages sent on Snapchat disappear as soon as the receiver of the message views the message and goes back. This feature has its own pros and cons, which will be discussed in the latter part.

3. Stories:
Earlier Snapchat focused on person to person sharing of pictures and videos. Now it features in allowing its users to post stories of their moments they have captured for their friends to have a look of their day. The Stories stay available on the platform for 24 hours of chronological content and disappears automatically.

4. Fun ways:
Snapchat provides fun features for its users to communicate with their friends. It provides various filters for you to look good in pictures and videos. It also provides Geostikers, which overlays the location of the place you are/were available at, like cities, events and destinations. Along with these features, it also provides Bitmoji, a personalized cartoon sticker, which can be used in snaps and while messaging.

Since these features are very unique and distinctive, it makes it more crucial for parents to worry about their child’s activities on Snapchat. The next immediate question that arrives in every parent’s mind is Why? Why to worry about your child’s Snapchat activities? Which is usually followed by How to Monitor Child’s Snapchat?

First of all let’s start with the question Why?

Why to Monitor Child’s Snapchat activities?

It is likely that teens nowadays, tend to indulge into activities that they should not indulge in. They are smarter than we think they are. They have a sound grasp over technology and they know how to use and even misuse it. Snapchat plays a great role in here because of these reasons:



1. Perishability: the messages that are sent or received on Snapchat gets deleted automatically once it is read by the recipient. This allows teens to take advantage of this feature and chat inappropriately with others. The main reason is that there is no proof of your child being indulged in those chats, if you are not monitoring it thoroughly.

2. Photos and videos: Nowadays, kids use Snapchat for the purpose of sexting, which is not meant to be done at their age. Photos and videos that are sent on Snapchat disappear in 10 seconds after it is viewed by the recipient. Children use it to send their bare body photos and videos. Parents should Monitor Child’s Snapchat activities to prevent them from indulging in these stuffs.

3. Public View: The stories that children put up on Snapchat automatically disappears within 24 hours. This cannot be assumed to be safe. It can be looked upon in this way, rather than 10 seconds, your photos and videos can be viewed by public for 24 hours, which is enough for cyber-bullying.

People can take screenshots of you and can use it for bullying you. This is even possible in personal messaging. So, you should know what your child is posting or messaging on Snapchat, to prevent him from cyber-bullying.

4. Negative Effect: A child’s mind is like a clay, which gets shaped when they see the world around them. As of now, children are engaged in sharing their day to day life on social media. They want to capture each and every moment and share it with their friends. In turn they start comparing their lives with others and feel pretty bad about themselves. Parents should keep track of what content their child is exposed to on Snapchat.

How to Monitor Child’s Snapchat?

The best way to Monitor your child’s Snapchat is by using MobileTracker Free. This application provides various features to keep an eye on your children and monitor their Snapchat activities.


mobile tracker free

1. Information about sender:
MobileTracker free provides the information about the sender of the messages. It helps you know to whom your child is exchanging messages with. It also gives the details of the sender of the images and videos. This will help you monitor your child’s activities and stop them from connecting with those people who are not good for your child.

2. Information about your child:
MobileTracker free provides information about your child. It provides the information about the photos and videos sent by your child to other people. You can monitor the content your child shares on Snapchat. You can stop your child from posting abusive and inappropriate content.

3 Steps to Start Monitoring child’s Snapchat:

Step 1: Create your account through e-mail.

Step 2: Download and install the application. There is a video on how to download and install the application. Just follow the video.

Step 3: Log in to your account and start Monitoring.



MobileTracker Free is a software that works on Android phones. It gives you the details of what is happening on the phone. Along with the features mentioned above it also provides:

1. SMS/MMS tracking tracking feature, that gives you all the information about the sender and receiver of the SMS/MMS.

2. Call tracking and recording feature. It gives all the information about the calls received and call made with time snap and audio recording.

3. GPS location tracker, which allows you to track the recipient’s phone location.

4. Photos/Images tracker, that tracks all the images and photos taken, sent or received. It even recovers the deleted photos and images.

5. Whatsapp/Facebook/Line/Messenger tracker. It provides every information about the texts shared between people, online activities, etc.


mobile trackerr free features

By monitoring your child’s activities on Snapchat, you are allowing him/her to explore the world, make them aware of the life their friends and others are living, but with limits that they should never cross at their age.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Mobile Tracker Free and monitor your child’s Snapchat activities and make them understand the proper use of technology. This would help your child develop their minds in a right way and not misusing the benefits that you have given them to use.