How To Monitor Child’s WhatsApp Without Them Knowing

Cell phones are a very interesting source of entertainment. One can watch movies, listen to music, and use social media apps to speak to friends and a lot more. This is most commonly recognised amidst children who utilise it to their maximum. But is it correct to get addicted to these cell phones? Of course not!

This is why we are going to provide you a quick remedy for this problem so that you can stop your children from using their cell phones too much or at least monitor them to make sure they are safe.

In this article, we will discuss how to monitor child’s WhatsApp without them knowing.

Whatsapp: an addiction amongst children

Whatsapp, is a wonderful source of direct communication with distant friends and people who are a part of your contact list. Children often love spending time on Whatsapp, speaking to their friends, sending them funny memes, and enjoying the idea of such an entertainment. While many children just use this app when in need, there are a few who get addicted to it soon. This is a harmful sign of your child’s future hampering of mental health and growth.

Whatsapp addiction can cause detriment to the mental of your child

Whatsapp addiction can be very harmful for the mental growth and health of your child. Whatsapp is a technology-based app and therefore when your child makes use of Whatsapp on their phone/computer, they are more likely to get severe diseases like cancer and tumour because these cell phones emit harmful radiations that cause such problems amidst them.

Not only this, Whatsapp addiction can also cause anxiety, depression, and give suicidal thoughts to them in many cases. Children might also experience lack in concentration resulting in poor grades in school, damage of the optic nerve resulting in the lack or reduction in eyesight and much more.

Track apps: monitor child’s Whatsapp without them knowing

Track apps are monitoring software that can also be used as a parental control app. They can help monitor child’s Whatsapp without them knowing. You can also use these apps for tracking other cell phone activities of your children to know more about them and keep an eye on them to make sure that they are safe and well-protected. This is one of the most effective ways of keeping your child safe so we highly recommend you to make use of one of the track apps.

Mobile Tracker Free: Helps you to monitor child’s Whatsapp without them knowing

Mobile Tracker Free App helps you to monitor child’s Whatsapp without them knowing. This app is very famous amidst people across the world and used as a parental control app in many cases. The track app is a great means of recording all incoming and outgoing information and cell phone activities of your child in order to know what they are up to.


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Mobile Tracker Free app has a plethora of features to offer to its users especially, multimedia files, call log, call recording and more. The app is woven with many benefits for customers to be satisfied too.

How to monitor child’s Whatsapp without them knowing?

If you want to make use of the Mobile Tracker Free app to monitor child’s Whatsapp without them knowing then it is important for you to first download the app by the different steps given below. Make sure you do not rush with the apps, and do things in accordance with how they are supposed to be done.

1. Pre installation

Before you install the app in your phone make sure that it is connected to a strong wifi or internet connection so that the download process does not pause in the middle. You must also keep in mind to enable unknown sources and disable package verifier for better functioning of the app. If you are worried about this hampering your phone’s internal working, do not worry as it will not happen.

2. Download and install

Now that you have pre-installed the app, make sure you download and install the app so that you can use it. Go to the website of Mobile Tracker Free app and look for the option called DOWNLOAD NOW.
You will find it in the first page itself so you do not have to look for it a lot. When you come across it, tap on it and allow the app to download in your phone. This process does not take much time. When download is over, allow it to install in your phone automatically and then press open.

3. Configure the app

Now that you have downloaded the app on your phone, it is important to configure it. This process involves making the app trust you by providing all necessary information to it. When you configure the app, you need to sign into the app to make a new account or register one.
If you already have an existing accounts then do not forget to log in with your previous id and password. All the details should be submitted properly by making sure that they are correct and strongly inputted.


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4. Now you are all set!

Now that you have completed all the given steps above, you are ready to use the app at your comfort and monitor child’s Whatsapp without them knowing. It is a very easy process and does not require much time too. You are good to go and use the various features, modern tools and advanced benefits to help your child stay safe and well-protected by all means.

We hope that Mobile Tracker Free app is able to help you to monitor child’s whatsapp without them knowing in its most effective manner. The app has thousands of satisfied customers. This app is very reliable, affordable and convenient to use. All its features come for free so it can’t get any better. Also, you are sure to get instant results from this app because it provides help rapidly. This is definitely the best option.