SMS Tracker Free: How to Track Text Messages for Free?

When it comes to sending and receiving text messages, we all are experts at it. In fact, text messages are one the important and reliable modes to convey feelings and ideas. They work in an influential manner. With minimal to no costs, text messages have become an important route for conversations. Hence, it becomes quite necessary to track down messages and react on them within reasonable time.

The need of the hour!

Yes, tracking messages is the need of the hour. With increasing marketing strategies via text messages, it becomes important to track such text messages and prevent any serious results. Our phones get filled with tonnes of fake and useless text messages from various third-party sources who does not even know at times what they are sending and to whom.

Now why is it a reason to worry?

It is simple. If you don’t know the reason behind you receiving such unknown text messages and not even the contacts sending them to you, then it is a sheer cause to look into. You might have given your contact number somewhere and now it might have ended up in wrong hands who knows. These text messages might contain false links to malicious websites or may contain an advertisement which may be of no use to you.


Parents’ need: children in today’s age have an access to personal contact numbers separate from parents’ number. However, they might not use such a facility with due diligence. It then comes onto the parents to look into every kind of activity that their child does. People of young age receive such text messages which contain advertisements of products which are of no need to them or if used them might hamper their life.


A simple text message might seem illusive to a child and he or she might fall into a possible trap. For example, advertisement of an app which can help them make millions of rupees and other such fake promises might pop up on a child’s phone who has no idea how to deal with it. There can also be a lot of chatting between friends which can be distracting at times. For all these reasons’ parents require an insightful access to text messages on their child’s phone.

parents need

Employer’s demand: certain employees of an organisation might receive such text messages which can possibly bribe them to out secrets of the company for some consideration. This might lead to a company’s demise and hence, becomes a required task for the employer to possibly track down employee’s text messages. It will help both the employee and the employer to be safe.


track text messages for free


So now let us see How to Track Text Messages for Free.

After seeing the pros and need of tracking text messages, we shall now answer a few questions such as how to track text messages for free? Or which is the best SMS Tracker Free? you will need an application that can do all the stuff with quite ease and comfort and in a few clicks. We bring you an application called Mobile Tracker Free.

Mobile Tracker Free is an application made for smartphones based on android operating system. It is a completely free application with all the useful features built in. It offers you various options such as tracking text messages free or tracking social media profiles and texts for free. It has a dedicated team to continuously upgrade the application to suit the altering needs of its users.


mobile tracker free


Using the application: This application is very easy to use and understanding its various functions are buttery smooth. The language and visual content of the app is appealing to its users and proves to be a very good utility app overall. All one needs to do is to go on the official website of Mobile Tracker Free and proceed to the downloads section to download the application. It is free of cost and full of features.

You have to register yourself on the website and get your log-in credentials. This will give you access to the host of features this application provides. The application at the time of its installation will require some basic permission which must be given in order to let the app function properly.


• Android version jellybean or above.
• Recommendation of at least 1GB data plan. Or a wi-fi connection.


What you can do?

• See the body of each text message sent and received.
• The nature of message as to whether it is sent or received.
• The details of the sender or receiver of each text message.
• View the date and time details of every such message.
• Get details of location along with GPS coordinates of the phone while sending or receiving text message.

With all these possibilities you can make sure that your child is having a safe and secured conversation or your employee is not leaking any confidential message. You can successfully stop any kind of academic or mental harassment being done with your child over text messages.

This application does not even require root access in your phone and can also detect erased or deleted text messages. The website hosts YouTube based video tutorials on how to use this application. You can also opt for a free demo in case you are unsure whether this application is worth your consideration.

Note: this application is made for security purpose and is fully legal in its way of executing tasks. Prior permission or authority must be possessed before using this application for anyone.

Mobile Tracker Free is your go to SMS Tracker free.