The best free parental control software 2019

While mobile phones provide a series of benefits to every user, it also has its own set of disadvantages at the same time. Mobile phones are most used amongst teenagers today for different purposes. From chatting with friends to clicking pictures and so much more. However, many a times we notice that teenagers tend to misuse these devices and also sometimes get threatened by strangers.

Why do you need to monitor your children?

Teenagers sometimes get used to consuming bad content in the device that can completely result in hampering the teenager’s mental and emotional growth. This of course is a serious issue which is in turn affecting parents by all means. Parents these days are excessively worried about their children using such devices for different reasons that may cause negative impact upon them and their mental health.

Why Parental Control Spy Apps is the need of the hour?

This is why it becomes important to use spy apps that help parents take a peek inside their child’s life silently, to make sure that they consume positive content, make proper use of their devices and also keep themselves protected. When parents use spy apps, they will make sure that no amount of problem is able to touch their child’s life and they can prevent all of them on time. The need for spy apps, begins from here.


What are monitoring Apps?

Monitoring Software / Monitoring apps are those that help you track a particular phone and view their device and everything recorded inside. The person whose phone is being targeted does not get notified as this takes place secretly. In this way those who are worried about their children and about the kind of content that the child is encountering, they can easily use this app to build a safe and protected environment for their kids in case of any problem, they can help them out.


Why Mobile Tracker Free stands out of the rest?

Not all spy apps are reliable as some of them do not provide all the information and leads to problems whereas spy apps like Mobile tracker Free supply a very effective and efficient method of getting into a targeted phone and deriving all the information in it. This spy app is one of the best free parental control software that provides free services to those in need. Furthermore, it is very easy to use and 100% dependable.

What are the features that makes a Parental Control App so easy to use?

Given below is a list of 5 features that will help you to understand the benefits of this free parental control app while in use.

Children spend more time in texting than talking on phone. Therefore, with the help of Mobile tracker, one can easily take a peek inside their SMS/MMS both the ones they receive and send. In this way, you can ensure if the kind of people they talk to are reliable and the contents they view are safe.

You might be worried about your child constantly interacting with a particular person on call whom he does not want to tell you about. You might panic and be stressed about the identity of this person and if he or she is reliable enough to keep your child interacting with them. In such a case, Mobile tracker can help you track their calls both outgoing and incoming, so that you are notified constantly about the details of the caller and the conversations they exchange.




If your child loves going out and doesn’t tell you about where they go and who they interact with, Mobile tracker can help you know everything. With the help of GPS location feature, you can easily track your child and the places they visit without them having to know that you are being informed. In this way, you can also go find them if they get lost someday.

People tend to click selfies and upload photos wherever they go. Its something everyone does. This is most normal among teenagers and youngsters who love clicking pictures and storing photographs in their device. In case you want to check upon the kind of photos that they store, you can easily do so with the help of Mobile tracker. This free parental control app helps you view all the recorded photos in the device and help you understand if your child is safe, and using his phone in the correct manner.

Contacts help you to take a peek inside your child’s phone and the kind of people they maintain contact with. If you are worried about your child maintain contact with people they shouldn’t, you may make use of this app to view contacts that will help you find out everything about your child especially the people that they talk to.




We hope that these features will help you to understand whether this app is beneficial enough for you or not. Mobile Tracker free application will help you view each and every detail of the targeted device and the person using it. This app is a free parental control app and has a parental control software free download to help you do things according to your comfort.

This application is very simple to use and includes a whole range of features that are free of cost and also free of hassle.